Our Plan

Our Plan

– To continue supporting HOPE children with their primary, secondary and tertiary education

– To increase the number of HOPE children across Tanzania

– To form partnerships with local charities and communities who like us believe that supporting HOPE children creates a better future for everyone

Our Strategies

– continue to secure financial support from donors through fundraising events

– actively engage the local community in a hands-on capacity

– build up membership and supporters body to enable long-term planning

Progress to Date

Since our foundation in 2009 we have raised over $4500 and provided HOPE children in Isange with school uniforms, shoes, stationery, and for some their school fees. Our project in Isange supports 25 children through primary and secondary school. We work together with the community and the project is coordinated by a local committee. They select the children and distribute funds and support according to need.

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Donations are currently not tax-deductible.